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Car-Door Moment reviews

Ellen Turner's Car Door Moment is a fresh, gutsy, funny, daring, challenging and down right honest piece of dance theatre which made me crease with laughter, question my own limits and cringe with embarrassment. A wonderful display of life today from a young female performer with bags of charisma, tons of talent and a true comic at heart. Car-Door Moment should be seen by the masses. It will change your life forever.


Gary Clarke


The audience was invited into Ellen’s world of car-door moments; we laughed, screamed and cringed as Ellen played out her daring impulses in front of a live crowd. Her energy was compelling, her comedic style engaging and her technical skill excellent. I can see this as a very versatile piece of theatre that could be adapted to a whole variety of settings and appeal to diverse range of audiences.


Ellen is a very funny young woman and talented dancer who’s ingeniously blended her skills into this extremely engaging piece of theatre. We have spoken about the development of the piece. She is passionate and determined to utilize the feedback she’s received to further this work and also to raise her profile as a choreographer.


I am excited to see how the piece develops and I’m especially keen to see how Ellen’s career evolves over the next few years!


Helen Gould

Co-Director La Petite Mort

Take ‘Car Door Moment’ by Ellen Turner, based on realising the irrational urges you get without thought to the consequences. While I’ve never had the urge to strip down to my pants, roll around in cold spaghetti, open the car door whilst on the motorway or kick a pigeon – I did once colour my face in with my mum’s lippy. The satisfaction was enormous, until I realised my mum would be livid and I’d need a Brillo pad to get it off! I’ve lived a more cautious life ever since!

The physicality of Ellen’s performance was incredible. We winced as she hurled herself around the stage, ran into the audience and then threw herself down the stairs. It was funny and thought provoking, and when her verbal delivery catches up with the rest, it has the potential to be brilliant.

The builders liked the concept of this piece enormously, giving a wry smile before muttering something about awkward customers and rotting food behind the plasterboard!


Alison Staples, The good review

I really enjoy how you start the piece, simply by talking and then before we know it we are in the middle of this crazy adventure. I enjoy the physicality of it and really enjoy how much you push the ideas to their extremes. The strength is in the simplicity of the idea and the fact that it’s totally believable because it is rooted in your own personal experience. The sheer energy and commitment to your performance is completely engaging. Great stuff.


Wieke Erringa

Artistic Director Yorkshire Dance

In my role as Artistic Producer at Ludus Dance, I have had the pleasure and honour to work with Ellen Turner over the past 3 years. Within the last 12 months, Ellen has worked for Ludus Dance in a freelance capacity and we have also supported Ellen in the development of her choreographic practice, in particular for 'Car Door Moment'.


Ellen is an exciting and dynamic performer and I have watched her develop as a performer through her role within Ludus Dance Touring Company, performances with Maelstrom Dance Company, Le Petit Mort Dance Theatre, her solo performance work and more recently as a performer with 12 degrees North. Ellen brings a unique quality to her performance work and demonstrates an honesty and energy on stage which sets her apart from other dancers. Ellen is a regular attendee to professional class at Ludus and her energy and humour are extremely valued by her peers.


Her choreographic work is fresh and exciting and blends her unique and quirky quality with original ideas and concepts. We have supported 'Car Door Moment' in development and I have watched informal sharings of this work. I found the work humorous and honest and I see much potential to develop this into a longer piece of work.


Ellen is an exciting choreographer and a highly skilled performer. I would encourage investment in her work and I hope that Ellen maintains strong links with Ludus Dance in the future.


Hannah Robershaw

Artistic producer, Ludus Dance Company (2014)

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