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Immerse yourself in nature with dance and poetry from local artists to inspire your journey.

The Airthrey Dance Trail is a series of dance films set in and inspired by the University of Stirling’s beautiful environment. Created by dancer Grace Turner, filmed by Michael Rea and accompanied with original poetry by Frances Ainslie, the films are inspired by the mindfulness of being in nature.

Audio Introduction 

How to follow the route

You can follow the map above or it might be easier if you download the map to your phone. 

If you like a physical map you can print the printable version, this has QR codes which you scan on your phone to watch the films. 

The Airthrey Dance Trail is best enjoyed with headphones and when you watch the films tilt your phone sideways to landscape mode. 

If you get lost you can find directions and commentary at the link below, you can also watch a part of the film to see the location you are looking for. 

Alternatively, you could be transported to the locations from the comfort of your arm chair by watching the films at home.

The Airthrey Dance Trail has been created through the Scene Stirling Open Grants - funded by Creative Scotland,

Stirling Council and with support from cultural organisations across Stirling.

This project was part funded by the generosity of Grace's aerial students who donated their cancelled classes during lockdown.

Created with support from the University of Stirling Art Collection. Thanks to Michael Rea (filming and editing), Frances Ainslie (poetry), Hannah Uttley (narration of poetry), Arken Creative (map design), Ellen Turner (creative mentor), Nathan Critchlow (writing support).

 Film © Grace Turner 2021. Poetry © Frances Ainslie 2021

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