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"Car Door Moment should be seen by the masses. It will change your life forever".

-Gary Clarke, choreographer.


Ever had the urge to jump off a train platform? To slap a random stranger? Or to open the car-door on the motorway?


We all naturally have impulsive thoughts and through our up bringing in modern day society, we know that to "act" on our impulses could be frowned upon. We have learnt how to hide, ignore and suppress these impulsive urges.....up until now.


Winner of the 2012 Turn Prize, Car-Door Moment, with its playful charisma will open its arms and embrace all weird, hilarious and outrageous impulsive moments. Ellen Turner, will go where no one dares to go, and experience life with out consequences, If only for 15 minutes. A mischievous "tongue-in-cheek" physical dance work that celebrates our most instinctive and impulsive reactions to life.


Choreographed/performed by EllenTurner

Running time:  12-15 minutes/25-30 minutes

Suitable for years 16+ 


Commissioned by Dance Initiative Greater Manchester, co-produced by hÅb + Contact, supported by Live at LICA.

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