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Grace Turner

Grace is an eclectic and ambitious dancer, aerialist and performance artist who experiments with the boundaries of physicality, theatre and creativity. Grace trained professionally at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, graduating with a 1st Class Honours Degree. It was during her professional training at LIPA that Grace began to widen her creative horizons by training as an aerialist. Since graduating Grace has trained, performed and taught with a wide range of companies including: Oily Cart, Hammond Feel the Magic, Wired Aerial Theatre, LPM Dance Theatre, Fidget Feet, Ockham's Razor, CoDa Dance Company, The Circus House, 12 Degrees North, All or Nothing Aerial Dance and AboutTime Dance Company.

In 2013 she was cast as Molly Moon in Oily Carts 'Mr & Mrs Moon', a show that combined her acting, dance, singing and aerial skills in an exciting adventure for young audiences.  

In 2015 Grace completed the Greentop Circus in Performance Course with a Distinction and since has been performing aerial internationally including for the Engagementpreis in Berlin, in Qatar and for Wired Aerial Theatre at the Bregenzer Festspiele Haus in Austria working as an aerial stunt performer for Carmen 2018 and Rigoletto 2019.

As a creative Grace was the project lead on TurnAround Dance Theatre's show 'The Thief the Fox & the Phoenix' combining Grace's passion of story telling for children with a fusion of performance techniques; aerial silks, dance and harmony singing. Grace has also been developing solo contemporary aerial dance works including "Fenix" a silks solo rising from the ashes and "Where the sea meets the sky" a cloudswing piece contemplating living in the present moment.

Currently, Grace lives near Stirling with her fiancé Nathan and she teaches for All or Nothing Aerial Dance. Over the last year she has been focusing on CPD training opportunities, delivering dance classes virtually and developing future creative projects.

Grace Turner Cloudswing- Photographer Ma
Grace Turner-143 Photo by Nicola Selby
Grace and Lily in 'Trudy'
Grace Turner
Grace Turner-19 Photo by Nicola Selby
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