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Simple Directions


Audio Commentary

Begin to the left of the Boat House. Location for Film 1- Loch

Follow the Loch path to the right (anti-clockwise) behind the boat house and sports centre. Take the first path on the left to stay close to the loch's edge. Follow this path for 8 minutes pass under the bridge and around the reeds. The path begins to move away from the loch side and you have trees on both sides of the path. Location for Film 2- Forest

Continue to follow this path around the loch for 6 minutes until you reach the end of the loch where there is a large oak tree dipping it's branches into the water. Location for Film 3- Island

Continue along this path and take the first path to the right leading away from the loch and up a hill. Keep following this path as it leads you all the way around the sports fields and golf course. This path meets a gravel drive, walk up this with the accommodation on your right. At the end of the drive are some gates bear left to walk past the Sports Pavilion. Directly opposite the gate to the Sports Pavilion turn right cross the road and walk past the car park and into  Hermitage woods behind the car park. Location for Film 4- Hornbeam

Go behind the hornbeam tree and take the first left along the low path Joyce Dunn Way (don't go up the hill into Hermitage wood). This path can get muddy! Continue along this flat path until you reach the road cross straight over the road and continue into the trees. Location for Film 5- Laurel

Continue along this path as it curves around a rock face. Opposite the castle is a small 'Garden' with zig zag path and a memorial in the rock face. Location for Film 6- Castle Garden

Make your way to the road and cross over the road turning right (away from the castle). Two options: First left leads you down some steps in front of the accommodation, for the second option with no steps, continue along the road and turn left after Juniper Court Accommodation.  Both these routes meet by the bridge over the loch, don't go over the bridge but continue right to follow the Loch back to your starting place by the Boat House. Location for Film 7- Reflection

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