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Terms and conditions

Due to the Covid-19 Lockdown  we have sadly had to cancel our FlyAround classes. We promise to get them up and running as soon as it is safe to do so! 


  • During the Lockdown Grace is creating online videos 'GroundAround... Fitness for FlyAround'.

  • She is posting 3-4 per week and they are about 35 minutes long each. 

  • Donation- Suggested amount £5-£8 per week 

  • To access the videos you can request to join our Facebook group 'GroundAround... Fitness for FlyAround'

  • Or email to request access

How to book

  • Booking a single class is through the Book Online Page. Select the single class and purchase at full price.

  • 9th January Taster Class is a single class purchase and can't be used in a Course Package. 

  • To book a 5 week course for a discounted price go to Course Packages and purchase a package and create an account (check the time length of the class suitable for you to select the right package). 

  • Once you've purchased a package you need to book onto the classes by going through the Book Online Page  you will need to book onto each class individually and you will receive an email per class booking. So keep repeating the process changing the calendar to each week of the course. You'll see the number of classes remaining on your package on the right hand side.

  • Once booked on you'll receive an email with a Disclaimer form please print and bring this with you to your first class.

  • You can rearrange your class up to 24 hours before the class start time by either selecting Cancel or Reschedule from 'My Bookings'. Cancel will put a class back onto your account to use and Reschedule you can select a new class to reschedule to.

  • Within 24 hours the class is non-refundable. A rearranged class can be saved for up to 3 months from purchase to reuse on the next course. 

  • For more details and a step by step guide on how to book click the PDF link above.


  • Aerial Circus is a high risk art form. Taking part is at the participants own risk.

  • Every participant must read and provide signature confirmation that they have read the disclaimer.

  • Every participant must complete an emergency contact and medical form.

  • Anyone under the age of 16 must have written consent from a parent/ legal guardian.

  • NEVER go on the equipment without permission.

  • Always be on time. Anyone more than 10 minutes will not be allowed to take part.

  • DON’T attempt moves that have not been demonstrated by a FlyAround teacher.

  • DON’T learn from Youtube or try to recreate the equipment at home. Aerial should always be conducted in a safe environment with an experienced teacher.

  • If you feel unwell, dizzy, uncomfortable or unsafe STOP! If you’re in the middle of a move tell me and I will safely help you back to the ground.

  • DON’T Drink alcohol before the class DON’T eat chewing gum during class.


Touch Policy 

  • To keep everyone safe teachers provide spotting techniques which involve physical handling such as holding body weight or helping to move body parts. The teachers will try to ask permission before offering assistance but sometimes in emergencies, there isn’t time to ask.

Safe Guarding Policy 

  • TurnAround Dance Theatre are committed to the safety, well-being and happiness of our students. We regularly undertake safe guarding training and have a safe guarding policy and code of conduct which we ensure that our teachers follow. Below are a few key elements to the Safe guarding policy please email to request a copy of the full policy

  • All lead teachers have DBS Certificates.

  • All classes for under 16s will have a FlyAround teacher and FlyAround assistant present. 

  • All under 16 participants must have written parental consent to take part. 

  • We will provide a safe, respectful and supportive environment for children in which they feel confident to approach adults and secure in the knowledge that they will be listened to.

  • We will safeguard under 16s in the class environment and be sensitive if we suspect of any neglect or abuse that we suspect may be happening outside of the class environment.

  • It is our responsibility to contact the relevant local authorities if we suspect neglect or abuse. 

Photography and Video Policy

  • Each participant indicates their photo consent before taking part in the class. Photographs may be taken during class of all participants but only people who have provided consent may be used in media promotion by TADT.

  • Photographs and Videos taken by TADT may be used in media for the sole promotion of TADT. Forms of media may include newsletters, leaflets, posters, TADT website and social marketing such as on the TADT Facebook Page. They will not be passed on to third party organisations. 

  • Please feel free to take pictures and videos of yourself during class; these are helpful for training and remembering what you’ve learnt. Please ask permission before taking videos or photos of other people and do not post videos or photos of others without permission. If you are posting videos or pictures of yourself please tag or credit TurnAround Dance Theatre to acknowledge where you are training.


Payment and Cancellation Policy

  • As the class sizes are limited and often have a waiting list for spaces in the class. Our payment and cancellation policy helps to prevent last minute cancellation when a space could have been offered to some one on the waiting list. Having a fully booked class means that we can cover all of the costs of room hire, insurance, equipment costs, teacher fees, travel and training costs. 

  • Courses of more than one week paid in advance are set at a discounted rate.

  • Drop in class rates are more expensive as the place can not be booked for the entire course.

  • Due to the limited space in each class a space is only booked once payment has been received.

  • Once payment is received it is non-refundable.

  • If the participant gives more than 24 hr notice of non-attendance they can defer the class to an alternative date.

  • Cancellation within 24 hours notice of the class is non-transferable or refundable as we do not have time to fill the space in the class. 

  • If you need to cancel within 24 hours and can find someone else willing to take your place this is fine to transfer the booking into their name. 

  • If the class is cancelled by TurnAround the class will be transferable to another date. 

Late Policy

  • It is our responsibility to ensure that all students are warm and prepared for class with a 20 minute warm up at the start of every class.

  • Anyone late by 10 minutes can take part but does so at their own risk with full knowledge that you have not completed an adequate warm up led by an instructor. 

  • Anyone late by 20 minutes can not take part in the class at all. Having someone who is not fully prepared physically not only puts themselves at risk but also the teacher and other students. 

If you have any questions about our Disclaimer or Policies please contact us.

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